Install Our Modish PVC Folding Door For A Complete Luxurious Look

Doors are your guards in terms of security; Motorized Curtains is a Dubai-based brand that serves the best quality PVC folding doors and premium quality services in the entire United Arab Emirates at a cost-effective price range.

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We Have Got a Large Variety Of PVC Folding Doors

We offer premium quality PVC luxurious doors so that you can enjoy their durability. Our doors come in various styles and designs to match your interior design module. These stylish PVC doors are good at catching shades, and the most important thing is we offer customized PVC Functional doors too. These modish customized PVC Folding doors perfectly fit your place and do not need to be adjusted anywhere. Our elegant doors add a luxurious element to your place with a smooth folding quality that makes its functionality easy. To see the variety of our upgraded doors, go through our brand’s catalog.

Have A Look At Our Mesmerizing Gallery

Visit the gallery of our completed projects so that you could have an idea about our services and the product that we are offering.

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We Offer Installation Services For PVC Sliding Door

We understand the troubles you face while perfectly fitting the door to its place, which is why we have come up with expert installation services for PVC folding doors. Our professionals can serve you with expert PVC sliding door installation services whenever you require them. We always offer discounts on our PVC expert door services to meet your requirements, and we are obliged to serve the best quality services in the entire Dubai.

Enjoy the Online Availability Of Our Team For PVC Doors

Our professional team is divided into different departments. All departments’ primary aim is to serve high-quality PVC sliding doors and services at a reasonable price range in the entire United Arab Emirates. To get our services, there is no need to spare your precious time and visit our store in Dubai, just reach us online and get our services with an easy tap right at your doorstep, any time.


Our Expert Maintenance Services For PVC bi-fold doors In Dubai

Our highly functional and well-designed PVC folding doors in Dubai do not demand a high maintenance service; they are perfectly durable even with low maintenance. Our brand is the top-notch brand in Dubai that is not only concerned about stylish doors and other services but also provides you with the best maintenance services for your doors at affordable rates. You can connect with us online to get our door services around the clock.

Maintenance Services PVC Folding Doors

About Our Company

We Provide Water-resistant Folding Doors In Dubai

Our PVC sliding doors are getting hyped in Dubai because of the unique PVC folding door style and some extra beneficial qualities. No one says no to the door that ultimately offers privacy and still looks luxuriously beautiful. Our stylish, modern PVC doors are designed in a way that makes them water-resistant. There is no need to get worried about the damage water usually causes to doors. We offer the best quality doors that resist water invading their layers; the most highlighted thing is our PVC door consists of a waterproof protective outer covering that adds durability to its nature. The protective layer also works against stains and scratches to make your doors last longer and stay young. Now, no need to get worried about the door maintenance routine; our PVC bi-fold doors do not require a high-maintenance routine to be followed and still maintain their luxurious new look for years.

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Why Choose Us For PVC Folding Doors Services? is a top-notch brand established in Dubai. The benefits of its PVC Sliding door Dubai offers, with its luxurious look, are bulleted below.

  • Our PVC sliding doors own the best soundproof quality; they block maximum outside sounds and keep the environment calm.
  • We offer a limitless range of styles so that you can enjoy their luxurious look that perfectly matches your interior theme.
  • High functionality can always be protected for our PVC doors at an affordable price.
  • You can get a customized PVC folding door from us that perfectly fits your place.
  • Our PVC foldable doors are made of an entirely eco-friendly material; our doors do not cause any harm to the environment and are entirely biodegradable.
  • Our fast delivery services and online availability is round the clock to meet your needs.

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PVC door is made of polyvinyl chloride material that provides good resistance against harsh weather situations, water resistance, and chemical resistance.

PVC folding doors remain luxurious even with low-maintenance requirements for a more extended period. Our PVC sliding doors provide resistance against chemicals, sunrays, and water so they can bear harsh seasons. That’s why they prove luxuriously fantastic as the main door.

Some wooden doors are designed as water-resistant, but they can not withstand as harsh environments as a PVC door can.

Yes, our polyvinyl chloride elegant doors are soundproof; they block sound waves up to some decibels.

Yes, bedrooms need privacy, and our PVC luxurious doors add style and are functional too. They block sound waves to keep the environment calm; they provide maximum resistance.

Our modern doors are designed to last decades with a proper maintenance routine.